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How does it works

After installing both the app and sensor, you’ll have no need to worry- the sensor will detect your smartphone when you are in proximity to your car. Then the recording function will be activated and begin to record your routes and time of the trip. If you wish, SMAPPI Car will even videotape your trip. While driving, the app will send you updates on your driving style- sensing your acceleration, braking, and cornering behaviors.

With SMAPPI Car, you are able to make emergency calls at any time. You may also contact our Hotline, open 24/7, in case you are in an accident. The app will also detect the accident and send a report to our center in case you are unable to contact us.

Once you have finished your trip, all the information will be saved to your profile. After you log in to our website, you can access your profile to find information about all of your past trips.

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