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Frequently Asked Questions

The App will be downloaded from the site of the company or from another site pointed out.
The App is auto-installing and the customer is driven step by step.
The Kit foresees in endowment an object called Biky that talks with the App trough a Bluetooth connection and it furnishes the command of start as soon as the driver gets into the car, or of stop when he gets out of the car. This object is endowed with a sticker and it must be installed in car.
Yes, in case of necessity the Operative Centre can be contacted.
It is enough having a phone with operating system iOS (iPhone 4s or superior) or Android (version 4.4 or superior). By now the totality of sold cellular phones reverts in this category.
It is not necessary to have a smartphone with particular characteristics.
Yes, the App works with all types of vehicle or motor vehicle.
The consumption is not remarkable, nevertheless it is recommended to hold the smartphone connected to the battery charger of the car, if the video record is also desired.
It is recommended. In case of lack it is necessary that periodically (for example once a week), the smartphone can unload data of the recorded trips to the Operative Centre, also through a Wi-Fi connection.
Only the data received by the satellite GPS, the data of the gyroscope and the accelerometer. Camera and microphone are optional.
Approximately 1 Mbyte for every hour of trip.
No, any data of the client, not even the telephone book, photos, video, personal accounts, etc. The position is acquired through the satellite.
No absolutely; they are private information that could be used by the driver for a safer guide.
You use the same app if you are insured with the same company and with the same insurance product.
Every driver downloads the app on personal smartphone and it is recognized through automatic joining to the Biky.